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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

* Teachers

Some eminent teachers who have taught me at the primary, secondary, and higher secondary levels.

Mrs Arpita Das (Milton Day School)
Miss Sahana Bose (Milton Day School)
Miss Rajasree Datta (Milton Day School)
Mr Biswas (St Anthony's High School)
Miss Celine Leon (St Anthony's High School)
Mr Kharbanda (St Anthony's High School)
Fr Peter Arulraj (St Anthony's High School, Science)
Mr Sinha (St Anthony's High School, Bengali)
Mr Guha (St Anthony's High School, Geography)
Mrs Gujral (St Anthony's High School, Life Science)
Mr Chakraborty (St Anthony's High School, Physical Science)
Mr Shamsuddin (St Anthony's High School, Mathematics)
Mr Steve Menezes (St Anthony's High School, English)
Mrs Shampa Sinha (St Anthony's High School, Bengali)
Mr J. Gopinathan (Calcutta Day School, Physics)
Prof Azizul Islam (Bangabasi College, Chemistry)
Prof R. R. Giri (Jadavpur University, Mathematics)
Prof Shams Afif Siddiqui (Maulana Azad College, English)
Prof Jayasree Mukherjee (Maulana Azad College, Physics)
Prof Gour Chandra Sinha Roy (Maulana Azad College, Mathematics)

*Wishing all the above mentioned teachers and all other teachers a Happy Teachers' Day on 5th September.
**Comments regarding any discrepancy in the
posting post are most welcome.


Dr. Tapas Francis Biswas said...

Happy to note that you remember your teachers from your school days, I too was in St. Anthony's, my father Mr. Michael Monoj Biswas was a teacher there, I too am an ex-student of St. Anthony's Kolkata and have been taught by most of the teachers mentioned by you. Best of luck to you. Dr. Tapas Francis Biswas

Anonymous said...

heh amit,

good to see that someone cares about there old teachers,i am too from St.Anthonys 1996 batch kolkata. I too miss my teachers heh u hve any no for STEVE MENEZES plz mail me at

Anonymous said...

Comments regarding any discrepancy in the "posting" are most welcome - what does this mean?!?!?!? i guess you need to go back to primary school to learn english.

-Your English Teacher

amit said...

The web pages of a blog are referred to as posts because they are posted on the internet. Hence postings refer to the blog posts/pages. But alas! these things are not taught in primary school.
Thanks for your comment,
Amit Shankar Saha.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha...u r smart, Sherlock!! you still did not notice the error did u?....let me correct the gramatically incorrect sentence for you...."
Incorrect : Comments regarding any discrepancy in the posting are most welcome.
Correct : Comments regarding any discrepancy in this post are most welcome.

Clear hai?!?!!? sorry for wasting your time....i guess its time to change ur diapers :-P

amit said...

Thanks Anonymous. You have been very kind.

Anonymous said...

My pleasure kiddo :)

PhD said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Debasish Dey said...

I did a googlesearch on Prof Shams Afif Siddiqui and found your blog. Siddiqui Sir taught us G.B.Shaw's "Freedom" in Maulana Azad College. He is a lean man, fair-complexioned, has a velvety voice and looks like the late singer Talat Mehmood (to some extent).

amit said...

Thank you Mr. Debasish Dey for going through my post. And you are right about Prof. Siddiqui. Hope you read his book reviews in The Telegraph, Kolkata.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amit,

I am Jyotijit Chakraborty an ex-anthonian and the only son of Mr. & Mrs. Chakraborty (St. Anthony's High School) who eventually came across your post on the internet and appreciate your respect and love for your teachers. I was also been taught by most of the teachers mentioned by you on your post. My Baba Mr. Chakraborty has seen the post and he wishes you all success in your life. Hope to view more posts about our school on your blog.

Thanking You

Jyotijit Chakraborty (Senior Animator/VFX Supervisor)

amit said...

Thank you Jyotijit. Please give my regards to your father. Hope he is well.
Best wishes,

Unknown said...

Good Morning.

Do you have any contacts of Prof S. A. Siddique and Prof Azizul Islam, pls