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Saturday, February 22, 2014

* Film-making!

I attended a Documentary film-making workshop organized by British Council in association with Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute and this is the two-minute documentary I along with my team members, Hoimashree, Shahnawaz and Rohan made on the theme "Character". Watch it!

Here is the link to all the films made during the workshop:  

Thank you Anand Gandhi and Recyclewala Films for sending me a signed DVD set of Ship of Theseus.
Is it the same ship? My answer: As far as there is continuity of consciousness there is continuity of identity. From Locke's memory criterion to Parfit's successive selves, it is the continuity of consciousness that seems to define identity. The planks of Theseus's ship are gradually removed but not all at once, so there is a continuity of identity. More so if human beings are involved as they have consciousness. Then it becomes a matter of mental acceptance just as there is a need of bodily acceptance of a foreign implant. Once such acceptance is achieved, despite structural and functional divergence, identity is maintained. So the ship is the same otherwise every moment it is a new ship for every moment something changes. Just like a river whose water changes constantly but it remains the same river.

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