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Monday, April 27, 2015

* Art Fair IV and Incredible Woman!

Legend has it that the Amazonian women showed amazing prowess and did exceptional feats. If such a characteristic is to be found among my friends then it is to be in Sufia Khatoon, the curator of Art Fair IV. But that is too short an introduction for Sufia for she is much more - a poet, a painter, a quilling artist, an anchor, a journalist, and many more. If the prefix “multi” is to find a right home then it has to be in the description of Sufia for she is always multi-tasking and is so multi-talented. Attending the inauguration of Art Fair IV at Chemould Art Gallery in Park Street, I was floored by her organisational skills and pleasing demeanour. From contacting new and upcoming artists and curating their art work to inviting and hosting the guests and making the whole occasion a success, she does everything single handed. The Art Fair is in its fourth season and on from 26th April to 30th April. But that is not all. Each day of the Art Fair is dedicated to other activities too. There are musical performances, poetry adda, photography workshop, quilling workshop, etc.
The inauguration on the 26th of April was a grand affair with eminent guests like film director and theatre personality Ashoke Viswanathan, percussionist and musician Tanmoy Bose and Associate Director and PR Supreeta Singh gracing the occasion. The opening day also included performances by bands like Kolkata Music Diary and members of Urotaar, an NGO which specializes in performing street plays. There was an impromptu poetry session too and the whole joie de vivre of the occasion encapsulated the spirit of art and artist’s expression. Emerging artists like Rahul Mall, Anindita Bose, Vasu Agarwal, Moumita Ghosh and not to forget Sufia Khatoon herself as well as others get to display and market their paintings, photographs and other art works. Sufia’s poetry group Rhythm Divine, which has a close association with Poetry Couture, presents on the 29th of April an open mic poetry adda at 3:30 p.m. at the gallery. Such activities, not only enriches the Art Fair but the association of allied art forms improves the culture of the society as well. In fact this very fact was reiterated by Ashoke Viswanathan in his opening speech.

So here I am wishing Art Fair 4 a resounding success and all the artists a great time. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Sufia for all her activities and hope her creative output overflows. Congratulations dear!

My poem "Incredible Woman" has been published in the Incredible Women of India Blog. Read here:

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