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Thursday, April 26, 2012

* A Poem

Not Yet Born Then

It is before my birth.
Past the emergency.
The wane of the naxals.
The waxing communists.
Jyoti Basu speaking.
Test matches at Eden.
Gavaskar on the crease.
Dalda - available.
Farex - out of the stock.
Load-shedding is common.
Trunk calls on telephones.
The tram to Khidderpore.
Rickshaws near Esplanade.
Nahoun in New Market.
Mughlai at Anadi's.
Night shows in cinemas.
The radio at home.
Black and white photographs.
My elders are youngsters.
The world before my birth.

Some things have changed since then,
Some things remain the same.
Except my perspective
On things that still remain.
It took aeons to get
The perfect condition
For my birth to take place.
I am now a part of
The aeon that gives birth 
To subsequent changes.

1 comment:

Anonymous said... your poem makes me think!!!