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Thursday, May 24, 2012

* ORATIO 2012

On 5th May my almamater, St. Anthony's High School, hosted ORATIO 2012 - the Inter-School Elocution Competition. My supervisor Dr. Santanu Majumdar was one of the judges of the competition. The other judges were Prof. Salil Biswas and Prof. Buroshiva Dasgupta. The event was sponsored by Mr. Murli Punjabi, an ex-student of my school who had sponsored the first elocution contest way back in 1990 when I was in Class - 7 in the school. That year the topic was "Communal Harmony is the Need of the Hour" and I remember how I had prepared on the topic. This year's topic was "Does the Media Inform or Deform Young Minds?" The whole programme was organized and conducted by the inimitable Mr. Steve Menezes, who has been my teacher at school and taught me English. 

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